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None of us are immortal. It’s inevitable we will all die one day but it’s something that people rarely think about or plan for. At What If Solved we don’t want you to dwell on something going wrong, we want you to live your life with absolute peace of mind.

Make sure you’ve thought through everything that would be needed if something were to happen to you. Plan for everything that matters and take the burden off your loved ones after you’ve gone. In a moment of crisis and anguish the last thing a family should be is troubled or stressed about paperwork.

What If Solved provides the solution.

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A whole new way to create, store and share everything important.

Welcome to What If Solved. Gone are the days when it’s sufficient to have all your essential documentation in a box under your bed. Planning for the future can be overwhelming and it’s likely that you haven’t considered everything you need to do. But that’s okay. What If Solved’s user-friendly platform enables you to organise all of your assets in one place, ensuring you’ve taken care of everything.

What If Solved gives you a safe, secure place to hold everything your loved ones will need, should something happen to you. But don’t worry, we will never ask you to include any of your pin codes or passwords. Once you’ve stored all of your important information and documentation you can appoint your Trustees. They will be people you completely trust who will be responsible for sharing all your essential information with your loved ones, as and when they need it.

Helping you, help your family

What If Solved gives you an innovative way to organise your life. This enables you to unburden your family and make it as easy as possible for them to cope with everything, at what will be a time of great distress.

Everything in one safe place

We provide a comprehensive digital platform to organise and hold the important information and documentation that your family will need if something happens to you. All in one safe place.

Secure storage you can trust

We know how sensitive and personal your information is, so your security and privacy are our top priorities. What If Solved only uses industry-leading security technology that you can completely trust.

Providing simplicity from complexity

What If Solved walks you through all of the steps you need to take to organise your assets. We offer helpful prompts throughout as well as simple, straightforward explanations for more complex matters or subjects.

Your own personal check-up system

What If Solved will send you regular check-up emails to which you can confirm all is fine in just one click. If you don’t respond within a set period of time it will trigger the alert notification to your Trustees.

Sharing that’s timely and trusted

Should anything happen to you, your appointed Trustees will be alerted and given access to your account. In turn, they will share all the important information with your loved ones, as and when they need it.

Security you can trust

Your security and privacy are our top priorities.

At What If Solved we take your privacy and security extremely seriously – they are our top priorities. We know your information is both sensitive and personal, and you’re trusting us with the most important information and documents you own. We only use industry-leading security technology that you can completely trust and when you register the system will generate an individual encryption key just for you. Additionally, every document that you upload will be stored with an encrypted name rather than its original name, protecting your information with another level of security.

What If Solved contains a mechanism against SQL Injection, resulting in a secure database application that’s protected against potential SQL Injection attacks. Furthermore, all of your data is protected in transit with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a security protocol specially developed for sending information safely over the Internet. What If Solved also carries out frequent crash and security tests through regular audits with an external company, ensuring any potential vulnerabilities are immediately and safely dealt with.

Your account, information and documents are completely private to you, and only you, by default. We abide by strict rules for handling, protecting, and allowing users to manage their own data. We only share your data with the Owners that you select and choose to share it with. You can also “unshare” your data at any time if your preferences or relationships change. What If Solved will never view your library of information and documentation – we only see your personal data, such as your name, email and phone number, for communication and invoicing purposes. Additionally your named Trustees will only ever be given access to your library of information and documentation after you die in order to fulfill their Trustee role – they will never have access to your library while you are alive.

As with all systems such as ours, the security of your information also depends on you. It’s important to choose a strong password, which we ensure that you do, and to never share it with anyone. What If Solved do not sell or share your data with any 3rd party and we are fully committed to protecting your privacy and security, as outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Securely store and organise all your important information with What If Solved now.

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Remember, What If Solved gives you:

  • A user-friendly, comprehensive platform to organise all of your assets
  • One safe place to hold all your essential information and documentation
  • No requirement to include any pin codes or passwords for your information
  • Industry-leading security technology that you can completely trust
  • Helpful, thorough prompts and simple, straightforward explanations
  • Safe and timely sharing of your account with your appointed Trustees
  • Your own personal check-up and alert notification system
  • Email support whenever you need it

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